Outbreak: The First Response (2020)

Soledad O’Brien Productions / 2020
HEARST Television
“Outbreak: The First Response” is a new documentary that provides a firsthand and personal view of the first coronavirus outbreak in the United States, in the Seattle area. Told through the eyes of the county’s health director, a family experiencing homelessness, and a family with a relative in a nursing home, the documentary reveals the impact of this historic pandemic on cities, including the most vulnerable communities. The documentary was developed by Soledad O’Brien Productions in partnership with the de Beaumont Foundation.

Official Site: https://www.debeaumont.org/outbreak/
Director: Rose Arce
Executive Producer: Soledad O'Brien
Producer: Riley Morton
Cinematographer: Riley Morton, Howard Shack
Editor: Alex Keipper
Associate Editor: Tristan Nash
Running Time: 32 mins